Console with 18 channels
Effects based on steps
Transport functions and Tempo control
3 types of Beat FX based on steps (Filter, Side Chain, Slicer) with TR-style push-button
6 Master FX (48 variations)
Great Performance regulator
Beat FX and Master FX can be assigned individually or to all entries
Beat FX available for each channel channel
With the help of the Combination function, another type of MASTER FX can be adjusted at each step
4 USB AIRA Link ports for Audio, MIDI, Sync and Power Bus (port 3) for connection of AIRA devices
Mix mode with 6 analog channels, one digital (stereo), four AIRA (stereo) and two PCs for Mixer and FX

Mixing Tables_Roland MX-1 Mix Performer

SKU: MIX0005

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